ISP Takes Steve's Midterm Exam

Contributor: Simone Atzeni

Steve's Midterm Exam (by Stephen F. Siegel ) has been a very good training for ISP (In-Situ Model Checker) Tool. It has permitted to run ISP with some particular programs in which MPI operations have a weird behavior. In this way has been possible improving some features of ISP and catch some errors that the most of model checker for MPI are not able to found out. For example, it has been possible to modify ISP to manage some MPI collective routines as not-blocking operations in particular situations. In fact MPI_Bcast and MPI_Reduce are blocking operations just for the root process, for the other process they are non-blocking, and need different managament by the model checkers (for more details see the section Collectives Bug Report ). Besides, in the report there are other significant examples about non-blocking operations ( MPI_Irecv , MPI_Isend , ecc.) and MPI_Wait .

For more details is possible to download the entire report ISP Takes Steve's Midterm Exam and the Midterm Exam or download the LaTex Source .

Last Modified: 06/24/2009